Align your direction for success...

Aligned Direction specializes in student and employee engagement.  More specifically, Aligned Direction works with individuals, teams, departments, and leadership in educational systems and in organizations to increase current levels of engagement to achieve desired outcome(s).  Aligned Direction provides the necessary knowledge, motivation, and systems support to deepen current levels of student or employee engagement. 

  • For educational systems, Aligned Direction works with the students, educators, administrators, systems level employees, and parents to teach engagement and alignment skills and strategies so students learn to fully engage with academics and life by aligning with who they are individually, socially, and emotionally.
  • On the corporate side, Aligned Direction works with individuals, teams, departments, and executive leadership to authentically align processes, procedures, and resources with personal, professional, and organizational goals to create a more productive and effective workforce (with more engaged and satisfied employees) leading to greater overall success.


Aligned Direction's innovative approach aids systematic change by developing or redefining structures and the environment to create productive, healthy climates and cultures that support well-being and engagement resulting in stronger organizational and individual leadership.


Aligned Direction uses relevant learning and teaching practices to disseminate knowledge and to support the internalization and application of newly acquired skills and content. The learning deepens an individual's ability to fully engage in order to align with themselves and their environment to reach personal and professional goals.


Aligned Direction works with individuals, teams, and organizations alike to determine the effectiveness of current practices, systems, and culture.  Through this process, motivational and learning strategies are evaluated to determine ways to enhance personal and/or group mindsets to reach desired outcomes.

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